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 Constructive Criticism

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PostSubject: Constructive Criticism   Fri Aug 01, 2008 5:09 pm

"Many of us have had our works reviewed and we can probably recall the anxious feelings that came with the critiques. And we can probably remember the feelings that came when someone's critique may not have been very constructive.
So with that, here are some things to consider when you critique someone else's work.

1. Keep in mind of how you would want to be spoken to when you are reviewed.

2. Always be positive about their work.
There is always something good about any piece. Make sure to point that out. Try not to leave it at "It was good," "It was well written," or "I liked it."
Tell them 'WHY' and/or 'WHAT' you liked.

3. Be open and honest about their piece.
Feel free to share suggestions, ideas, comments, thoughts, etc.
Comments such as 'That will never get in the Times," "I don't like the way...," or "I can't believe you wrote that," etc. are unwelcome and hurtful.

4. Stay away from 'jokes' or 'implying' something that is negative. Things don't have to be directly said to be hurtful.

A good way to remember this is to use the formula
Positive, Negative, Postive.
aka What you liked, Suggestions, Encouragement.

Be sincere, be considerate of feelings and be encouraging...Smile

Happy Reviewing!


The actual post can be found here. Because it's true that "Nothing inspires or deters a writer more than a review".

A reply to Lis's post by another member also brought up a good point.

"Lis said it very well, however, I've noticed that many of the reviews consist of something to the effect of:

'I liked it'
'It was good'
'It's cute!'

Which are not very helpful. If anything, I find those sort of reviews to be more frustrating than anything because they are not helping find things that the authour may have overlooked.

Next time you review, why don't you say what you liked about it? It's easy but not very helpful to just say 'I liked it'

And did you really like every single aspect of it? If so, bravo to the authour, but if you follow Lis' advice and post some suggestions in a positive manner I'm sure the authour will appreciate it even more.

I know I would

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Constructive Criticism
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