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 First Banner Ever!

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PostSubject: First Banner Ever!   Tue Aug 05, 2008 12:25 am

x3 I thought this banner turned out pretty well considering it was done with some Corel Painter Essential thing that Zee lent me xD I don't have photoshop T~T Considering it was also my first banner, I'd say I did pretty well Very Happy I feel foolishly proud of it. It was for my pet Tectowl on Ichumon. Hehe. But then it wouldn't appear in the pet description T~T

Anyways, Zee guided me a little bit telling me how to do certain stuff and explaining the different brushes. Half the time I was like... "*eyetwitch* Whut?" But yeah. Oh, and I'm a circle happy person xD anyways, here it is:

Just thought I'd show it to y'all. It was fun, but I think I'll stick to writing x3

The first half of the Dynamic Court Duo.
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First Banner Ever!
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